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About Basto Entertainment

Doctor Wick

Welcome to Basto Entertainment!

We'd like to say, "please take a chair and someone will be with you shortly" but we all know that we can't afford a chair like that. At least it's warm in our own imagination and no one can take it away from us... stop it! Stop trying to take it away!

Apparently, this is the spot where we are suppose to tell you all what this webcomic is all about. We're supposed to tell you in a way that will make you want to read it and to come back for more as we keep on updating it. Truthfully... we have no idea what this is going to be about. This is just the type of so called professionals that we are. I guess in a way, this webcomic is our gateway to memory lane.

Memory lane?

Sure, why not? We say memory lane because at the end of the day, Basto Entertainment is based on actual events. The name Basto Entertainment is depicting the group of people that brings us all our webcomics. It's a group of misfits trying to make something out of their lives... even if they don't know what that something needs to be.

Before you jump off the handle and start yelling at us about accuracy of those events, we want to remind you all that... it's only based on real events. For example, Mario is not really that much of a stress case. He is able to go a day without crying uncontrollably and now, his goal is to make it a full week. However, the webcomic would lead you to believe that a day seems unrealistic. But he can. Another example would be Marty's obsession with ducks and tormenting others... nothing to say about that, it's all real...

What else can we say?

Well, this webcomic is showing everyone a little glimpse of our lives and how we get along with each other. The more we piss each other off, the more content we have. Therefore, if you're looking for a webcomic with a meaningful story with magical ponies and rainbows we can help. We cant do anything about the meaningful story but we keep Mario around just for that reason, to keep a solid supply of magical ponies and rainbows in our lives.

That's right, this webcomic will add absolutely no value to your life... or even ours.

It's a bunch of nonsense put into a webcomic form. But you know what? It's our nonsense and we enjoy it and we hope that you will share yours with us along the way.

Come on in, the group is ready to greet you but watch out for that water, Felle is building our wet floor sign as we speak.

Welcome to Basto Entertainment!